Make brushing more fun with Minions!

I must admit I am not  a fan of babies. I don’t like them and only see them competitor to my parents’ attention. Not until my niece came, my perspective with babies changed. I am grateful that the came and became a joy to our family. She’s only 1 and she’s having her teeth completed, that’s so unusual!  The last time I checked, it’s 8 and I’m planning to buy her a toothbrush.   It’s very timely that I have found Colgate’s minion toothbrush and toothpaste.


These two can be bought on line at (Colgate Minions Kids 2-5 Years Old (Junior) Oral Care Pack)  and (Colgate Minions Kids 5-9 Years Old (Youth) Oral Care Pack)


So how can we make brushing more fun for the family? I’m not an expert with taking care of babies or toddlers or grown up kids but I know one thing, with the help of Colgate’s product, everything can be fun.



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