I just turned 27

Yeps! That’s correct! I just turned 27 last February 1.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I am really grateful to be surrounded with people who loves surprises. So here’s how I celebrated my birthday……..

Prior to my birthday, I initially had an early celebration with my family. I am flying over the weekend and there was no chance for me to meet them on my birthday, so here’s how we celebrated my birthday. E A T I N G

I saw on my on this day that last January 30,2014. I had celebrated my birthday with my former office mates  and I treated them with Ambers, so, let history repeats itself.  On January 30, 2018, I enjoyed eating our favorite pancit from Ambers with my Sapphire Family.

There was a phenomenal supermoon broadcast for January 31. If you know me, you probably know how I love the sunrise, sunsets, stars and fullmoon. My high school buddy, Justine is celebrating her birthday on the next day so we decided to have moongazing in our condo. I was really really glad about the fullmoon, I dont know, but it fills so much gladness in my heart,

Little did I know, my husband, planned a birthday surprise for me. While Justine, Pearlie and I were eating, he went down for a while to withdraw money but when he knocked the door, Taraaaan! My friends were there singing happy birthday.  Ohh flowers! <3

I felt really special on my birthday, on my birthday itself, Joem and I had a buffet dinner at Vikings and we watched a movie! Cant contain the happiness after watching “The Greatest Show” I love theatre! Acting is the thing that I can do without being paid.

So who would not have been thankful with what happened? Different Birthday Cakes, celebrations with my favourite people, moon, flowers, my husband beside me, stars. Let this celebration reminds me that I am special to the eyes of my husband, and forever favoured  by my saviour and first love; Jesus.


I love you Jesus! Help me to believe in everything you say I can do.

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