Career Crossover – Book Review

So let’s define career and crossover first. Career, according to wordweb mobile application, is a general progression of your working or professional life while crossover  is a  path  where something  can be crossed to get from one side to the other. And if we will combine the two, career crossover is getting your profession to cross from one side to other. In Venchito Tampon Jr.’s new book, Career Crossover “From Where You Are To Where You Should Be, he discussed chapters for:

  1. Discovery  – Connecting the Dots
  2. Decision – Career Choice  & Shifting  Careers
  3. Direction – Career Journey
  4. Mastery  – Career Growth
  5. Significance – Leaving  a Legacy

Each chapter, he carefully gave his own experiences related on finding the right career for him and inspiring readers to know where they want to  go by answering questions the book provided.

I have enjoyed reading his book as I can relate on taking Accountancy in college and questioning my decision during college days when I discovered I’m not into it. But, as the author discussed, what we do will determine and somehow connected to what we will do in the future. I know it’s not an accident to took Accountancy, not an accident to received an invitation to give review on his book before it launched, not an accident to read the book.

If you wished to jump from a job to another, I hope you read Career Crossover first, you can order online at, and if you’re done reading, I’d be happy to hear your thought and your best decisions.


About the Author


Venchito Tampon Jr., is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of SharpRocket, a leading digital marketing company in Asia. He has served over 200+ online marketing campaigns and has been featured on top news websites such as Forbes and Huffington Post.

He is also a Core Speaker of Elevaxion Project, a community of young learning advocates with the aim to train and to teach the youth and young professionals with various soft and hard skills.

Venchito is also a Certified Facilitator of YOUnique, DISC Personality Development Program developed by Mr. Jayson Lo, a top ranked corporate trainer. The YOUnique program helps the top 1000 corporations in the Philippines to help their people discover their personalities and others as wel

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