Birthday Celebration

This is the first time that I celebrated my birthday away from home and also my first time to celebrate in different days, different people and different places.

January 29

I had an early celebration with my spiritual family last sunday when we had our singles ministry gathering. I didn’t expect a celebration at all but since they gave me cake, that’s how I started blowing candles

Blowing Candles Part 1

I actually planned to date my sibs on that sunday afternoon after church to start my celebration but since my I had an unexpected celebration with my church-mates, there’s the second part of blowing cake.

Blowing Candles Part 2

Of course! I bought the cake myself because Mama is not around to give me one. 🙁 Missing Mama here on our family picture

January 30 

I’m in Isabela, conducting training for an SAP implementation when suddenly at late night my boyfriend informed me he’ll be here Charaaaaaaaan

We waited for 12midnight to celebrate my birthday

No Candles and Cake? No problem. Fries can transform

There’s no open coffee shop, or  any stores that we can buy a cake so, Frenchfries to the rescue.

February 1

Really grateful that God is so sweet and He can use everyone to make me feel special. Really. I wonder how God can do that! I’m not expecting a celebration today expect for a dinner date with my boyfriend but a thoughtful client made me feel it’s my day, and there should be a celebration 🙂

Birthday celebration won’t be complete without a cake!

Blowing Candles Part 4

Lastly, to the one who traveled all the way from Manila to Isabela just to be with me on my special day. This is may favorite cake 🙂

Blowing Candles Part 5

Thank you my love :*


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