Our Love Story

We first met in 2013, May 17 to be exact. How did I remember? To tell you honestly, I don’t even remember how happened that I wrote it in my diary.

But even before our meet up, we used to be good friends, telling the values we have  in life and our dreams, sharing good conversions everyday. Our first meet up wasn’t planned at all. I just asked favor to leave my things before I go to our church’s annual youth camp. I asked for his company while I’m waiting for a friend. I can even recall, that it was a  meet-the-parent set up. Yes, you heard it right, I met his parents on the day that I first met him. I’ve even told their dog when she barked at me “okay lang kahulan mo ako, di naman na ako nababalik” what an irony! I’m visiting their house every other week, now. I thought my first visit would be the last but I was wrong.

We’ve continued our friendship with an exchange of everyday IMs, from skype to gmail hangout to viber, until one day he started borrowing my digicam (he’s using it daw for the contest. But later on admitted that it’s his way to see me). What I saw and felt that time was pure friendship, as much as possible, when we’re going out for a tea (our meeting place for me to give the cam and vice versa) I always make sure Im with someone. I dont want to meet him all alone, because If I do, he, or maybe if anyone sees us together, they might think we’re dating. I swear! Never did I imagine myself dating him. He’s a good guy. He’s a good friend. But he’s my ex’ friend. And I dont want to put any color with our friendship. For me it’s pure friendship.

In 2014, our friendship continue to grow, we’re seeing each other more often with an intent of, of course, borrowing and returning the camera, with or without chaperone.  Late 2014, he confessed that he likes me. He just said he likes me. I asked him back “anung gusto mong gawin ko?” He said nothing. And we started ignoring each other. No more IM’s. No more meet up. No more. And I missed him everyday. (Dear boyfriend, sorry I didnt say that to you. Now you know ,☺)


Photo last Dec. 29, 2014 I planned not to meet him after that day sana eh

So when the prayer and fasting of 2015 happened, Hahaahahah. Oo na, I prayed for him. I pray to God if ever it is His will. I pray for courage for Joem to lay down his intention and court me. I was a silent prayer that God answered last February 2015. We’ve finally dating exclusively.


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